Interview with Álvaro Pérez

Interview with Álvaro Pérez

Álvaro Pérez

Álvaro Pérez, musician and producer from Uruguay, is living in Barcelona but working all around the world.

Álvaro tells us his story, from the first concert in front of a very special audience, to the projects he is carrying out. And then music… with Enric Hernàez and Mario Maeso!

Watch the full interview:

Watch the snippet of the interview with Álvaro and musician Enric Hernàez.
They interpret the song: Una foguera de Sant Joan en ple gener

Watch the snippet of the interview with Álvaro and musician Mario Maeso.
They interpret the song: Candombe de Cleo

About the artist

Website: Álvaro Pérez
Facebook: candombecool

Check out the PlanetArt YouTube channel to watch more videos with Álvaro and other artists.

Photo Gallery

Photo credits:  Lord Checa

Álvaro Pérez 

Álvaro PérezÁlvaro Pérez

Álvaro PérezÁlvaro PérezÁlvaro Pérez



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