Tag: Sculpture

Interview with Sulé Duc

Sulé Duc is a sculptor who works with iron as a material and rust as a texture, and a plastic artist, with natural color as the main center of interest.…
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Interview with Albert Capella

Albert Capella is a sculptor and a multidisciplinary artist. Albert born and raised in Poblenou, is a sculptor that works with all types of materials rescued from all types of…
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Sulé Duc

In this event of PlanetArt, we get to know Sulé Duc, sculptor.

Interview with Mario Valle Fillat

Mario Valle Fillat, draftsman, geometer, amateur painter, apprentice sculptor, all without profit. Born in PobleNou 61 years ago, but with the same enthusiasm as always. Mario talks to us about…
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Rob MacDonald

Interview with Rob MacDonald

PlanetArt interview: Rob MacDonald, sculptor, performer and activist from Britain, who is working in Poblenou since many years. Rob tells his story, talks about the political and revolutionary power of…
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