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Interview with Sulé Duc

Sulé Duc is a sculptor who works with iron as a material and rust as a texture, and a plastic artist, with natural color as the main center of interest. Born in Barcelona in 1963, he lives in Poblenou for about 20 years. Watch the full interview: About the artist: Website: Facebook: Check out the…
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Interview with Albert Capella

Albert Capella is a sculptor and a multidisciplinary artist. Albert born and raised in Poblenou, is a sculptor that works with all types of materials rescued from all types of places, specially scraps of metal, antique objects and recycled tools from Poblenou’s oldest factories. Watch the full interview: About the artist: Facebook: Check out the…
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Interview with Eva Sans Ramos

Eva Sans Ramos is dissident artist in poet phase. Born in Barcelona. Eva is a 7×7 + 1 years old. Their artistic names are: Eva, Evitzkaya-Pj, AKIIARA, Eva-Evitzkaya. During the interview, she performs her poetry entitled “TEMPS”. Watch the full interview: About the artist: Website: Facebook: Check out the PlanetArt YouTube channel to watch more videos…
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Julia Clay

Interview with Julia Clay

Julia Clay is a multidisciplinary artist of British origin. She worked in illustration, motion graphics, interactive and print design, photography, film and education for 25years. Now she is concentrating more on developing her own artistic projects that combine her different skills and give her the freedom to create without being restricted by someone else’s brief.…
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Interview with Sara Berga

Sara Berga, multidisciplinary artivist. She believes in art as a tool of expression for change. Sara Berga is a survivor, artivist and volunteer in El Mundo de los ASI. Sara through art, takes a therapeutic and healing path, of rebirth. Thanks to the art “expression tool for change”, Sara manages to overcome a past in which…
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Interview with Mario Valle Fillat

Mario Valle Fillat, draftsman, geometer, amateur painter, apprentice sculptor, all without profit. Born in PobleNou 61 years ago, but with the same enthusiasm as always. Mario talks to us about his life as a self-taught artist, his career and in particular his latest work “ARBRE-OCELL”, located in Canta and totally realized with the 3D machine.…
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Interview with Lluís Padré Checa – Lord Checa

Lluís Padré Checa, “Lord Checa”, photographer, action activist and visual poet, member of the group “La Fundición”, which has its space in that old factory of the calle Pallars 178, recently been destroyed. Since the beginning of the 80’s of the last century, he portrays his birthplace (Poblenou), either through photography, video on Super-8 or…
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Interview with Anarkattack

Anarkattack, rapper, producer, director of B-Unit Festival and president of the cultural association Sinergia Proactiva, in this interview he talks about his music, the hip-hop philosophy, his upcoming projects and what to listen to get to the great world of rap! Watch the full interview: About the artist: Website: Anarkattack Facebook: @anarkattack Check out the PlanetArt…
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Rob MacDonald

Interview with Rob MacDonald

PlanetArt interview: Rob MacDonald, sculptor, performer and activist from Britain, who is working in Poblenou since many years. Rob tells his story, talks about the political and revolutionary power of art and, in his case, of sculpture, he anticipates his next projects and closes: music with sculptures! Watch the full interview: About the artist: About…
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Álvaro Pérez

Interview with Álvaro Pérez

Watch the interview with Alvaro Perez by PlanetArt